This is… all of this… it’s too much for me.


Jean Paul Gaultier, AW2006

"I want to hijack world history with you.
I want to kill monarchs
and infiltrate theocracies
and assault state capitols
and set the captives free.
I want to be the prophet enacting your high-strategy will,
The favored, faithful first general of your imperial army.
The sage philosopher turning hearts towards you,
towards us.
Oh darling, let’s be kings, I’m a killer in a crown.
Let’s build monuments so great God takes notice of us,
lets hide from His sight in a tangle of silken bedsheets
and toast to our infamy with goblets beaten from stolen gold.
Let our names be feared and revered and let us taste eternity
unwary of the cost.
They say this is love but I know it’s self-immolation,
the ignition of electricity between us.
So let us adorn ourselves with smoke and flame
drip blood rubies and pile up devotees like toy soilders,
let us dance, darling, on the ash and sing
‘our kingdom come, our will be done,
in thee as it is in me.’"
- Kingdom Come by S.T. Gibson
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Josh Hartnett talks pansexual ‘Penny Dreadful’-x


tatiana maslany & jordan gavaris @ NerdHQ Jul 26, 2014

they’re like brother and sister in real life, I swear 

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Robert Downey, Jr. is interviewed on SiriusXM’s Entertainment Weekly Radio channel from Comic-Con 2014 at The Hard Rock Hotel on July 26, 2014 in San Diego, California.
"Sometimes we want what we want even if we know it’s going to kill us."
- Donna Tartt, The Goldfinch

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